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Explore the Secrets of Nature in God’s Own Country

Why should your next holiday be at ReginaSilva?

The first of its kind Eco Resort in the whole ghat section of Kannur District. Certainly the right choice for your next vacation holiday camp. A calm & quiet place away from the crowds of the city.

ReginaSilva Camping & Nature Resort is located at Paithalmala Hill Station which is 4500 feet above sea level where oxygen is at its purest form. Breathe the pure and refreshing oxygen and rejuvenate yourself. Proof being, we have almost 450 jackfruit trees in the property (Jack fruit trees are known to give out the maximum amount of oxygen).

ReginaSilva Camping & Nature Resort is having the purest and natural spring water source (untouched virgin water) which is used at the resort for all kinds of uses including for our Infinity Swimming Pool open to all our guests.

At ReginaSilva, we have our own organic vegetables, fruits & spice garden, which we use for our everyday cuisine.

ReginaSilva is surrounded by dense forest on two sides and a valley on another, which makes it attractive to hikers, trekkers and 4×4 offroading enthusiasts.

ReginaSilva Camping & Nature Resort is located on Paithalmala Hill Station, which is known to trekkers all around the globe, for its different terrain, with plenty of rocks, waterfalls, streams and the dense tropical forest to dealwith. Paithalmala Hill Station is surrounded on three sides by forests of Kerala and on one side by Karnataka reserve forest.

ReginaSilva Camping & Nature Resort is surrounded by forest on two sides (protected by electric fencing to protect from the wild animals wildboars, elephants, wildgoats, leopards, deers, etc.), a valley on the third side and a beautiful naturopathy ashram on the fourth side (where you can rejuvenate and de-toxify yourself with various Ayurvedic therapies).

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